Our Classes:


GymTots:  walking - 2.5 (parented)

Mini GymKyds:  age 2.5-3.5 (parented)

GymKyds:  age 3.5-5 (semi-parented)

Ultimate Ninja



Jr. Ninja:  age 6-8

Sr. Ninja:  age 8+




Beginner Rec:  Level 1/2/3

Intermediate Rec:  Level 3/4/5

Advanced Rec:  Level 5+

Teen Rec:  age 11+ -  All levels

Homeschool: All Levels

Tumblers: All levels

Silhouettes - Competitive



Supergirls (PRE-TEAM):  age 5+

Xcel (TEAM):  age 7+

(email to set up an assessment!)

Summer 2021 Schedule.png

** Please note: schedule is subject to change based on registration and addition/deletion of programs. Please check back regularly!