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It is our aim to ensure the best possible experience for our SGC families. If there is anything we can do to better meet your needs, please contact us to discuss the different options available.

  • Money Back Guarantee: If a participant is not completely satisfied after their first class,  SGC will refund the full monthly tuition and annual membership fee with no administrative fees. We strive to create an exceptional experience and we hope that we can exceed all expectations.

  • There are no additional fees for cancellation or dropping classes, however, all class registrations are based on a monthly commitment. Therefore, no refunds or credits will be provided for the remainder of the month if a participant decides to drop mid-month.

  • If you do need to cancel your enrollment for the upcoming month, an official notice of cancellation must be provided in writing to and confirmed before the 15th of the month to avoid being charged and committed for the following month.

  • All notices of cancellation received after the 15th of the month will be applied to the end of the following month. No pro-rated refunds or credits will be given after the cancellation.

  • Strathmore Gymnastics must meet our minimum class sizes at all times in order to run. SGC reserves the right to cancel any programs with insufficient registration or combine classes in order to meet minimum numbers. If SGC must cancel a class due to enrollment or scheduling issues, we will transfer the participant to the next available class of their choice. If we cannot find a comparable and convenient alternative option and tuition has been paid, a full pro-rated refund with no administrative fees will be provided. Please note annual memberships are non-refundable.


  • Strathmore Gymnastics is moving to continuous monthly classes! There is a required monthly commitment to a class and the monthly tuition fee reserves the student’s place in the class whether they attend or not. SGC will be operating on a CREDIT ONLY policy. Annual membership fees are non-refundable.

  • Account credits are issued for medical reasons only and a medical certificate or doctor’s note must be provided. Medical cancellations will receive a non-refundable pro-rated credit for any missed classes remaining in the month. If a family wants to hold the participant’s spot in the class, future monthly tuition payments are still required. If a family chooses to withdraw, future monthly payments will be cancelled and the student will be removed from the class. Please note that re-enrollment is not guaranteed and is based on availability. Any other arrangements will be made on a case-by-case basis by management.

  • In the event that Strathmore Gymnastics must cancel a program offered at our facility due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control (including coach illness, extreme weather, power outage, or say, a global pandemic, etc.) we will provide a non-refundable account credit for any missed classes. *Only credits are available*

  • Once an account credit is issued, the credit amount is non-refundable. Account credits can be used towards future online purchases made at SGC and have no expiration date.


  • Every athlete is alotted up to 5 makeup tokens in a season (season runs until the end of June). Makeup tokens may be used

    • for makeup classes - depending on space​

    • towards an SGC day camp

    • towards an SGC Open Gym Punchpass

    • towards the next month's fees (maximum 1/month).


       To redeem your makeup token please send us an email. 

       * Makeup tokens expire at the end of June. Any tokens not redeemed by this time will be lost. 

  • Absences MUST be recorded by the parent through the PARENT PORTAL or by email to before the beginning of the class. Only absences recorded in the portal or by email may be eligible for a make up class (exceptions may occur on a case by case basis) If a class has not been marked eligible that you feel should have been, please contact us so we can check into it.

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