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Gym Rules

For everyone's safety and enjoyment, please read and abide by the following rules when taking part in activities at SCG

  1. No parents in the gym unless invited by the coaches.

  2. No flash photography.

  3. Use respectful words and actions at all times.

  4. Stay off equipment unless instructed by a coach.

  5. Stay within your group and follow coach instructions to ensure safety.

  6. No food or gum. 

  7. Clearly label water bottles. (bottled water available for $1)

  8. Wear appropriate attire. Girls can wear a gymnastic suit or yoga pants/leggings with a tank top or t-shirt. Boys can wear shorts and a tank top or t-shirt. No baggy clothing, loose fitting tops, buttons, zippers, snaps, belts jeans or skirts/dresses.

  9.  Hair pulled back and out of the eyes, this includes shoulder length hair. 

  10. Please no bobby pins or head bands, they fall out and are a safety concern.

  11. No jewelry. (small stud earrings are fine)

  12. Bare feet or specialized training shoes only, no outdoor shoes.

  13. For health reasons, please cover warts with tape

  14. Pit Safety: 

       - Land on feet first at all times

       - Look before you jump

       - Do not bury yourself

       - Do not run and jump in unless a coach is monitoring the area and say it is safe to go

15. Parent viewing area:

        - Please remove shoes

        - Please keep the area clean

        - Please refrain from interacting with your child while they are in class as it can be distracting                for them, as well as the rest of the class/coaches. 

   EXCEPTION: If your preschool/kindergym child is having trouble staying with the group or           listening to instructions, for thei safety, as well as for the rest of the kiddos in the group, we ask that you come and give them assistance, and help to keep them with the group.                  




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