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Recreational Program - age 5.5+
*Registration is ongoing*

The Strathmore Gymnastics Centre follows Gymnastics Canada's philosophy of FUN, FITNESS, FUNdamentals & FRIENDS! - emphasizing FUN! Our recreational program allows kids of all levels to work through 11 progressive badge levels, each level allows them to advance on skills they have previously learned to keep them having fun and staying challenged. The badge system allows for athletes, parents, and coaches to monitor progress as well as give the athletes motivation to keep moving up the badge system. **

For more information please  check out the following links:

Gymnastics Canada - CANGYM

Gymnastics Canada - Gym For All

Gymnastics Canada - Long Term Athlete Development


SGC classes.....

Beginner - Burgundy/Red, Tan/Bronze (CANGYM Badges 1/2/3/4)

Length: 1.5 hrs

Cost:  $25/class

This class is for the beginner gymnast age 6+ years old. Children begin to learn skills required for badges and advancement through the gymnastics levels. Focus is on fun and fitness, while emphasizing the fundamentals that gymnastics is built on - strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. 5.5 year olds who are ready may attend the class as well

PREREQUISITE: No experience necessary to register for Burgundy/Red classes. In order to register for the Tan/Bronze classes your child must have passed their Red (Level 2) Badge, or have consent from our head coach.



Intermediate/Advanced - Purple + (CANGYM BADGES 5+)

Length: 1.75 hrs

Cost:  $25/class

This class is a continuation from Beginner Rec. Children will be learning badge skills that would help them advance into competitive gymnastics if that is their goal.  This class is for those athletes who have mastered the basics of gymnastics and are ready to challenge themselves more! Still with a focus on fun, fitness and fundamentals! Participants should be aware that as the difficulty of the levels increase, it is much more difficult to get through one level each session. Keep working hard, learning, and most importantly - HAVE FUN! 

A 2 day/week option is available for this class! Register for both the Monday and Friday 4:15-6:00 classes and receive $15 off of your monthly fees!

PREREQUISITE: Must have passed the Bronze (Level 4) badge or have consent from

our head coach


Teen Girls Rec - Age 11+

Length:  1.5 hrs

Cost:  $25/class

This class was created for girls aged 11 and up. Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, our coach will assist the girls in making and achieving personal goals. They have the option of working towards CanGym badges, or simply just working on skills they would like to learn. A great way to stay active and in shape! 


Tumblers - Age 6+

Length:  6-8yrs:1 hr  | 9-12yrs: 1 hr

Cost:  $23-/class

If you see your child's feet more than their lovely smile, then Tumblers is the class for them! This 

co-ed class utilizes the spring floor as well as our bouncy airfloor. mini trampoline and Tumble Track Trampoline, to safely learn tumbling skills from the basics up. SGC has created a 10 level Tumbling curriculum for Tumblers to progress through. These tumbling classes focus on skills from levels

1-5.  Both classes have flexibility and strength components.


Advanced Tumblers - Age 8+

Length:  1.25 hrs

Cost:  $24/class

This class is geared towards athletes that have mastered the basics and are ready to move on to more advanced skills. SGC has created a 10 level Tumbling curriculum for Tumblers to progress through. This class focuses on skills from levels 6-10. A great addition for cheerleaders that want a little extra work on their tumbling skills. 

PREREQUISITE: Must have passed Level 5 Tumbling or have the consent from our head coach


Homeschool Rec - Age 6+

Length: 1.5 hrs

Cost:  $25/class

A multi-age, multi-level daytime class for our Homeschool families


**All participants must complete an online waiver:

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