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SGC's Preschool Gym program is for boys and girls from age 2 to 3. Through structured play, movement, interactive activities and music, our focus for the program will be to start to develop the ABC's of physical literacy: Agility, Balance, and Coordination, while having fun and encouraging socialization. ​

This is a semi-parented class. As your child gets older and becomes more comfortable in a structured setting, and gets better at listening and following directions, we may choose to use the opportunity to encourage a little bit more independence. 

Our preschool classes are 45 minutes in length.

** please note: children at this age vary greatly in their attention spans and ability to follow directions. If a child is having trouble following along or staying with the group, it is the parent's responsibility to supervise and re-direct, not only for safety reasons, but to limit disruption to the rest of the class.

SGC's Kindergym program is for boys and girls aged 4 and 5. The focus of our hour long classes is to develop fundamental movement skills, such as balance and locomotions, as well as co-ordination, strength, creativity and more! These classes will also encourage skills such as taking turns, lining up, following circuits and following directions. And of course beginner gymnastics skills will be introduced!

This is an unparented class, however, kids this age vary in their ability to focus and follow direction. If a child is struggling to the point of disrupting the rest of the group, it is the parent's responsibility to aid the child in getting back on track, both for safety reasons and for the benefit of the other children in the group. 




*** All participants must complete an online waiver:

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