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Ninja mainly consists of working on balance and coordination while the main objective is going from point A to point B most commonly through obstacle courses. The main goal of ninja is speed, some of the various skills used in ninja are balance and foot placement to be as fast as you can going through obstacles



Ultimate Ninja 

Mini Ninjas - Age 4/5 - $20/class

Jr. Ninjas - Age 6-8 - $24/class

Sr. Ninjas - Age 8-11 - $24/class

Teen Ninjas - Age 11+ - $24/class

Join our Parkour Gymnastics instructors in a class designed to challenge strength, coordination and control using a variety of obstacle courses and set-ups - in a safe, padded environment.


This class is proving to be a very popular option for both boys and girls! This year we are offering Girls Jr/Sr Ninja and Boys Jr/Sr Ninja

The schedule may change depending on whether or not this chooses to be a popular oprion!


**All participants must fill out an online waiver**


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