SGC current fundraisers....

SOOO much more than just pizza!! Check out the many items that Coco Brooks has available! Fill your freezer and help SGC raise funds to go towards our NEW GYM!

Fundraiser will run from October 4-18. 

 Pickup date:  November 4 (at SGC)

Thank you for your support...

Happy Eating!



Our 2 top fundraisers (whether through selling or personal purchases) will receive 20% off of next month's class tuition! One prize will go to our Xcel/Supergirls programs and one prize will go to our Kindergym, Recreational and Ninja programs (combined). This is not a door to door sales job! Just share with your family and friends, and/or stock up for the busy months ahead!


SGC has an ONGOING bottle drive fundraiser! If you have bottles to donate, let us know! They can be dropped off at the gym, or pickup can be arranged


Thank you for your

ongoing support!

mabels labels.png

This is an ongoing fundraiser for all of your labeling needs! Visit

Fundraising Support | Mabel’s Labels | Raise Funds With Kids Labels


Enter Strathmore Gymnastics in the Search Organizations bar!

Thank you for your support...

Happy Labeling!