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Developmental Program -
Strathmore Silhouettes

Exciting program changes are in the works - Stay tuned for updates!

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The Strathmore Silhouettes coaches are dedicated to helping each competitive athlete to achieve their personal best. Every athlete learns differently, and at a different rate. Our aim is to promote physical, mental and emotional strength, thus awarding the athlete with a sense of accomplishment, which can radiate into many areas of their lives. Through making realistic and attainable goals, dedication and hard work, our athletes gain many benefits; self confidence, hard work ethic, discipline, courage, determination, perseverance, focus and concentration, friendships, name a few. 

Participating in the recreational program can develop a platform to progress into competitive gymnastics, if that is the direction that is chosen.

Tryouts are generally held in June, space permitting, but we will occasionally do individual tryouts during the year upon request. Attributes taken into consideration include strength, flexibility, power, confidence, attitude, and how they respond to teaching.

For more information regarding either program, please contact our Competitive Head Coach - Kassie Greig

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